Communication between MrIcantdraw (hereafter “The Artist”) and yourself (hereafter “The Client”) is expected. The Artist will respond as timely as possible and will give clear expectations up front to the client. Client is expected to reciprocate timely and precise communication. (Exceptions to this term exist, such as in the case of an emergency.)

Visual references are the preferred means by which character information is relayed to the artist, however if none are at hand then written descriptions can suffice. Not all aspects have to be described, and if the Client wishes, multiple if not all aspects of the nature of the picture (pose, mood, lighting, setting) can be left up to the artists discretion.

The artist reserves the right to terminate any interaction with the client at any time should the client break professional conduct or cease communication. Some cancellations by the artist may result in a refund to the client, please see “Refund Policies”.


The Artist reserves full rights to the projects created, the labour of the artist is the product being sold, unless otherwise explicitly stated and agreed upon in a fully paid contract. Under no circumstances are the finished pictures to be edited, altered or otherwise interfered with without permission with the artist. The client may request that the picture may be withheld from public release for whatever reason, however a small fee will be issued to make up for the loss in advertising.

In commissioning the artist, the Client agrees that the Artist has permission to draw their character(s) and/or intellectual properties under your direction, but not in any commercial capacity unless requested by the artist and confirmed by the Client. The Client agrees that if they are commissioning the Artist to draw original characters that do not belong to them, that they have gotten express permission from the character’s owners for them to be drawn by the artist, and that the content of the commission is known and approved of by them.

The Artist reserves the right to feature the commissioned work in galleries, portfolios and all manners of self-promotion. The artist will not sell prints of the commissioned work without the permission of the Client.

The Client may request any raw files to be provided at any time, however the client cannot edit or alter the files and reupload the file without the Artists permission.

The Client may never claim work done under this contract as their own, redistribute it, or use it for any external commercial project. Non-commercial projects (for example, making prints of commissioned art but not-for-profit) must be discussed with the Artist beforehand to confirm no profit will come from the artist’s work to the client.

Watermarks or signatures, when present, are not to be removed, erased, cropped out, or shrunk too small to be easily readable. If an image must be cropped or shrunk (for use in a profile, avatar, background, etc) credit must be listed in a visible area in a readable font with appropriate link(s) included (i.e. on twitter credit may be given in the user’s bio).


The Artist will announce commission slots through their multiple social media platforms. Should the Client be interested in a slot, they should preferably first check the prices/terms before contacting the Artist.


All payments must be facilitated through paypal. Currencies accepted are Euro, USD, or British Pound Sterling.

Paypal Email Address:


As will be stated in the invoice, a refund may be given if the Client is unsatisfied with the work, is however not guaranteed. The nature of the transaction as a whole will be the determining factor of whether or not the Client receives a refund. The Client reserves the right to cancel any commission at any time, however will only receive a percentage of the payment as a refund to make up for lost work time. This percentage is up to the Artists discretion and will depend on the amount of time invested into the project.


The Artist will draw both SFW and NSFW images depicting anthropomorphic animals and/or characters.

Under no circumstances are individuals under the age of 18 allowed to commission the Artist to create NSFW material and are requested to steer clear of any of the Artists social media accounts which showcase such material. By commissioning the Artist for NSFW, the Client is declaring that they are of or over 18 years of age.

The Artist reserves the right to terminate any communication with the Client and cease all transactions if the Artist suspects that the Client is under the age of 18.

Under no circumstances are individuals under the age of 13 allowed to commission the Artist for any material and are requested to steer clear of any of the Artists social media accounts.

As for what the Artist is willing to draw, please read the commission information pages.


By commissioning the Artist, the Client is declaring that they have read, understood and accepted the terms laid out in full. Any questions about the Terms of Service can be sent to the Artist at

The Terms of Service can be subject to change at any time.